Please welcome with open arms your host and creator of ''BENIDORM KNOWLEDGE'' Mr Chris Nicholls!

For all advertising enquiries please contact chris on :-

Or please arrange a consultation for the services that Benidorm Knowledge offers to local business's.

An amazing opportunity is now available to all business owners in benidorm, the chance to have all the details of your business right here on benidorm knowledge. With thousands of visitors and group members you are sure to increase productivity and profit during the season due to exposure with ourselves online - live - everyday, to the whole world, who are sat looking now booking there next holiday to benidorm.

So why not get your venue, restaraunt or other business logged in their holiday diary before they even fly from their country!

Please see Chris for details on how to get registered through facebook (benidorm knowledge)


Please view the usefull links page to see air operators and accommodation sites to get a feel for how big this really is!

Many thanks to all business's already involved in Benidorm Knowledge have a safe and successfull season, bye for now......

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